Cold Laser Therapy

At Committed to Health Chiropractic Center, serving Creve Coeur, MO, and the surrounding region, we're committed to helping people improve their health. Part of that entails alleviating pain. One way we accomplish this is through cold laser therapy provided by our chiropractor, Dr. Paul Hyland. Let's discuss what this procedure entails to help you decide if it's right for you. 

General Information 

If you receive cold laser treatment from our Creve Coeur, MO, chiropractor, we'll use a laser emitting low-intensity light. As opposed to lasers that sever tissue, these ones don't get hot enough to heat the tissue, thus the name. 

During treatment, our practitioner will aim the applicator at the treatment area, allowing the tissue to absorb the energy. As the body takes in the light, it triggers your body's healing response. The treatment can help with damaged, diseased, or degenerative tissue. 

Treatment times can take as little as a few minutes for smaller areas. To see optimal results, we usually recommend multiple treatments per site. The exact number depends on the severity and size of the treatment area, along with the reason you're receiving this therapy. As a general rule, though, you'll start to see results within the first month. 

Conditions We Use Cold Laser Therapy For

This particular therapy can help reduce pain and inflammation. Ultimately, the treatment encourages healing, so you recover from an injury faster. It can stimulate nerve function and promote circulation to the area as well, both of which facilitate healing. 

We recommend it for both chronic and acute conditions. For instance, our chiropractor may suggest it if you have a sprain, strain, or tendinitis, to name a few examples. It's also beneficial to some people who have generalized neck or back pain. And we should note that it can ease the discomfort caused by fibromyalgia, as well as tennis elbow or tmj disorder. Moreover, these are merely some examples of what we utilize the treatment for. 

Committed to Health Chiropractic Center, serving Creve Coeur, MO, and the neighboring communities, helps people recover from injuries and manage conditions causing chronic pain. One way is through a cold laser treatment, well multiple sessions. It's non-medicated, requires no downtime, and causes minimal side effects. 

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