Wellness Counseling

There are those in the medical field who treat symptoms and move on, and then there are those who treat the whole person. Dr. Paul Hyland at Committed to Health is one of the latter. With his extensive wellness background, he believes in making the entire person whole and not just part of the person. Here’s why wellness counseling is so important.

Wellness Counseling with Dr. Hyland

Wellness Counseling comes from the heart, but it should also come from education and experience. Dr. Hyland has an exercise physiology degree and was a licensed massage therapist prior to becoming a chiropractor. He uses his physiological knowledge to craft a wellness program that incorporates massage, chiropractic adjustments, and exercise to make you the healthiest you’ve ever been.

 The Definition of Wellness

Wellness is mental, physical, and spiritual fulfillment in a life. Theoretically, it is the health of the total body, mind and spirit achieving the optimum state that the individual is able to achieve. Living life fully and wholly is what wellness is all about.

Wellness Counseling

Counseling in the art of wellness is a very fluid thing that changes from one individual to another and can change in a single individual depending on their stage in life. We talk over what is important to the client, what aspects they’d like changed, and we focus on the strengths to achieve that balanced lifestyle.

Wellness counseling can involve diet and nutritional services, weight changes, exercise and movement, stress management, better overall health, and achieving a lower pain level.

Wellness counseling isn’t just for seniors; all ages can benefit. In fact, when wellness counseling is started earlier in life, the patients can change their overall health more easily and help prevent some aging effects. Just by lowering stress levels you can help control blood pressure, lower cortisol in the body, and help with headaches and tension.

If you’d like to be Committed to Health, talk with Dr. Hyland today about bringing wellness counseling into your health routine. We’re here to help whenever you want us to be.

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